Installer Training Possibilities

Installer Training Possibilities – One Day Program

  • Due to time restraints all sessions cannot be completed in one day
  • Rate 1 through 11 (1 is highest), fax back immediately – 763.295.4434

_____ Airflow Concepts and Principles – 20 Minutes

    • Not duct design or sheet metal design
    • Relates to furnace conversions
    • "How it works" within residential forced air system
    • Theory relating to FPM, CFM, resistance/static pressure, ideal velocity, CFM formula, etc.
    • Deflector design and why airflow will not make a 90° turn
    • Basic components, from return register through heat register

_____ Plenum Heater Mechanical – 30 Minutes

    • Furnace inspection/evaluation
    • Sizing
    • Choosing correct model number
    • Installation steps
    • Baffling requirements
    • Accessories or options

_____ Plenum Heater Electrical – 30 Minutes

    • Review three product series
    • Wiring/hookup for each
    • Checkout and operation

_____ Heat Pump Control Wiring and Thermostat Theory – 45 Minutes

    • Description and detailed review of all 24-volt wiring points related to heat pump and various room thermostats
    • Auxiliary heat, why and how it ties in
    • Comparison of heat pump stat and basic heat/cool stat, review of various thermostat types
    • Other related components such as fan center, fossil fuel kit, oil burner control, stack control, etc.
    • Wiring associated with newer multi-speed or variable speed furnaces
    • Heat anticipator function and setting
    • Dual fuel versus dual heat
    • Various blending or modulating controllers, in the industry

_____ WarmFlo™ Controller, 101 – 45 Minutes

    • Outdoor and indoor sensors, temperature modulation theory and concept
    • Where does WarmFlo™ apply?
    • Block diagram
    • WarmFlo™ application flowchart
    • Selecting the required hardware (Electro and Brand X) from flowchart
    • Accessories or options
    • Electrical wiring/hookup

_____ WarmFlo™ Controller, Details – 60 Minutes

    • Sequence of events
    • Various setup settings and selections
    • Monitor lights
    • Various troubleshooting points
    • Triac or electronic switch troubleshooting

_____ Air Make-Up Heaters – 15 Minutes

    • WarmFlo™ duct sensor concept
    • CFM chart relating to temperature rise and various models
    • How to select temperature range code chips and temperature set point
    • Brief product/model review

_____ Electric Boilers, Hardware and Basic Installation – 60 Minutes

    • Electric boiler basic components and features
    • Various types – Mini-Boiler, radiant floor, WarmFlo™
    • Electronic aquastat boilers
    • Installation, mechanical
    • Installation, electrical wiring
    • Operations and troubleshooting, compared to plenum heater

_____ Electric Boiler, Zoning Concerns – 45 Minutes

    • Energy in versus energy out
    • Loops versus zones
    • How zone valves work and various types
    • Zones, why they present challenges
    • Zone controllers – application, selection, wiring
    • Multi-pumps – application and wiring

_____ Radiant Heat Concepts – 20 Minutes

    • Comparing three common heat systems – forced air, baseboard, floor radiant
    • Comfort features with each type
    • Radiant heat methods list
    • Comparing electric cable and hydronics tube under floor
    • Why electric boiler?
    • Radiant application – primary or secondary/warm floor
    • Heating goals and sizing related to the various application types

_____ Radiant, Electric Boiler Design Tips – 60 Minutes

    • Comparing gas and boiler concepts, relating to the installation and control accessories
    • Low temperature boiler
    • Slab stat
    • Flow regulates temperature
    • Insulation techniques
    • Placement of tubing, sizing, tube size, etc.
    • Interrupt time or storage, relating to tube placement with sand/concrete
    • Radiant floor surface temperature at appropriate heat loss
    • Radiant floor maximum design conditions
    • Tube layout design tips and loop length
    • Floor covering evaluation and chart
    • Loop or piping system resistance calculation
    • Determining pump size



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