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WarmFlo Select photoOur WarmFlo Select plenum heater makes ordering and installing a WarmFlo plenum heater easier than ever. We have integrated the control and interface modules into one discrete system which includes all of the features and flexibility of our WarmFlo II plenum heaters. In other words, you no longer have to worry about which interface module or chip code you need whether you are installing the plenum heater in conjunction with air conditioning, without air conditioning, or with a single stage heat pump.


  • No chip code selection required
  • Application selection dial – HP or non-HP
  • All-inclusive controls, can be used with either heat pump or air conditioning
  • Modulates electric elements to maintain precise output temperature
  • Quiet operation with DC relays
  • Energy control selector
  • Simple 4-wire conventional thermostat wiring used for both heat pump and air conditioning systems

WarmFlo Select Dial

Single Stage Heat Pump or A/C

Upflow 18” Upflow 15” kW Btu/h
EM-W*254S8-SL1 EM-W*254S5-SL1 25 85,000
EM-W*204S8-SL1 EM-W*204S5-SL1 20 68,000
EM-W*153S8-SL1 EM-W*153S5-SL1 15 51,000
EM-W*102S8-SL1 EM-W*102S5-SL1 10 34,000

* U = Upflow    D = Downflow

Two Stage Heat Pump

Upflow 18” Upflow 15” kW Btu/h
EM-W*254D8-SL2 EM-W*254D5-SL2 25 85,000
EM-W*204D8-SL2 EM-W*204D5-SL2 20 68,000
EM-W*153D8-SL2 EM-W*153D5-SL2 15 51,000
EM-W*102D8-SL2 EM-W*102D5-SL2 10 34,000

* U = Upflow    D = Downflow

Available Literature

EL703 WarmFlo Select Literature Sheet
EL002 Electro-Mate Applications Sheet

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