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Our patented meter base generator transfer switch is the first of its kind. GenConnect is the first transfer switch that doesn’t compromise safety in its effort to gain installation simplicity. With the simple meter base installation the GenConnect powers the complete panel - no naming individual circuits. The GenConnect is available in many different styles and amperages that can be suited for your specific needs.

Redundant Safety Features

  • Constantly monitoring utility line voltage
  • Low/high voltage monitoring
  • Generator voltage monitoring
  • Brownout detection
  • Failure alarm
  • LED status lights
  • Multi-level component failure backup

Application Options

Semi-Automatic - If you have a manual start generator this unit is for you. The semi-automatic comes with the same voltage monitoring and safety equipment as the automatic but does not come with ability to start the generator.

Automatic - If you have an auto-start generator this transfer switch is for you. The automatic comes with the ability to start the generator, monitor voltage, communication capability, and the same excellent safety features.


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