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The HeatChoice II model series continues the concept and features of the original patented and zero-clearance plenum heater. Our experience and history, combined with the latest technological features, make installations applicable to all furnace models. With a flip of a switch you can select your energy heating choice.

HeatChoice Air Conditioning Only

HeatChoice has been designed to work in installations that include air conditioning. However, if your system includes an air source heat pump you will need to install one of our WarmFlo® Electro-Mate heat pump ready models. Installing one of our heat pump ready models enables maximum performance from your heat pump. Contact your local distributor for information on models that include our heat pump intelligent WarmFlo systems.

Typical Applications/Benefits

  • Quiet operation with DC relays
  • Updating gas or oil furnace to electric
  • Variable speed blower connection
  • Non-Heat pump conversion
  • Energy control selector switch
  • Wood backup
  • Simple installation
  • Quality construction
  • Automatic switch to backup during load control
  • Advanced safety timers


Upflow 18” Upflow 15” kW Staging Btu/h
EH-U25-8 N/A 25 5 x 5 kW 85,325
EH-U20-8 EH-U20-5 20 4 x 5 kW 68,000
EH-U15-8 EH-U15-5 15 3 x 5 kW 51,000
EH-U10-8 EH-U10-5 10 2 x 5 kW 34,000


Downflow 18” Downflow 15” kW Staging Btu/h
EH-D20-8 EH-D20-5 20 4 x 5 kW 68,000
EH-D15-8 EH-D15-5 15 3 x 5 kW 51,000
EH-D10-8 EH-D10-5 10 2 x 5 kW 34,000

Available Literature

EL201 HeatChoice II Plenum Heater



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