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The EZ-Mate series plenum heater has been designed to handle both heat pump and air conditioning applications in one easy to use package. There are no separate interface controls or special chip codes needed. During installation you simply set a dial to the specific application you are working on and that's it. The EZ-Mate also has a unique feature that allows these units to be installed in 100-amp service panels. The "L" models include built-in load shed capability. This great feature allows you to drop 5 kW of the EZ-Mate when other appliances such as an electric water heater or electric dryer turn on.

Typical Applications/Benefits

  • Modulates electric elements
  • Plenum and outdoor temperature sensing
  • Automatic switchover
  • Warm air comfort
  • Heating capacity determined by outdoor temperature
  • Setup dial selections - HP or non-HP
  • No 2nd I/F “box” required
  • No chip code selection required
  • Designed for both single and variable speed blowers
  • Mini Demand Control or Load Shed

Load Shed Ready Models

Upflow 18” Upflow 15” kW Staging Btu/h
EM-LV104L8 EM-LV104L5 10 2 x 5 kW 34,000

Downflow 18” Downflow 15” kW Staging Btu/h
EM-LD104L8 EM-LD104L5 10 2 x 5 kW 34,000

Standard Models

Upflow 18” Upflow 15” kW Staging Btu/h
EM-LV104Z8 EM-LV104Z5 10 2 x 5 kW 34,000

Downflow 18” Downflow 15” kW Staging Btu/h
EM-LD104Z8 EM-LD104Z5 10 2 x 5 kW 34,000

Available Literature

EL830 Electro EZ-Mate Literature Sheet

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