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All installation manuals contained herein are only guaranteed current as of the date imprinted on the bottom of each document.

Warranty Information

XX017   Limited Product Warranty
XX024   3-Phase Boiler Limited Product Warranty
XX018   Return Policy
XX019   Repair Policy
XX020   Labor Policy
XX021   Freight Damage Policy
XX022   Handling Charge Policy

Warranty Certification Sheets

BC004   Electro-Boiler
DC102   Dual Energy Furnace, HD-W
DC103   Dual Energy Furnace, HD-D
EC111   Electro-Mate Plenum Heater, EM-LV (Upflow)
EC104   Electro-Mate Plenum Heater, EM-LD (Downflow)
EC203   HeatChoice Plenum Heater, EH-U, EH-D
EC110   WarmFlo Plenum Heater, EM-WU, EM-WD
EC114   EZ-Mate Plenum Heater, EM-LV



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