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10 - 20 kW
2.2 Gallon Vessel

Midsize MS SeriesMidsize Series Boiler (EB-MS-**)

In our 25+ years of manufacturing boilers, our latest TS Series boiler design offers many benefits that were not previously offered in an electric boiler.  The TS Series (EB-MS-**) allows you the flexibility to accomplish any radiant in-floor need.

Our front panel temperature knob allows you to simply dial-in your desired output temperature and the TS will automatically adjust to meet your water temperature needs.  Available in 10-20 kW, single phase 240V.


Other Benefits:

  • Built-in temperature/pressure gauge
  • High Mass/Low Mass element regulation
  • Boiler status panel
  • ASME/CSA US/Canada certification
  • Complete front panel accessibility
  • Dual Boiler option
  • Load Management connection
  • Super quiet operation
  • 20-year element/vessel warranty

Available Models:

Model# kW Btu/h Amps Breakers
EB-MS-10 10 34,000 42 60
EB-MS-15 15 51,000 63 60,30
EB-MS-20 20 68,000 83 60,60

Available Literature/
Specification Sheets

BL002 Radiant Applications
BL006 Electro-Boiler Literature
BL509 TS Series Midsize Specification Sheet

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